Robert Scott Temple

Robert Scott Temple (British) c.1850–1937
Near Kirkliston, watercolor, signed and inscribed, frame size about 22″ x 28″

Photograh from ‘Picture Sheffield’ collection dated 1912 shows Robert Scott Temple painting in Rivelin.
On The River Almond, Kirkliston – Watercolour, Signed and Dated 1875,

The image above is NOT the painting in this collection – though both were painted in the same location and time frame. Near Kirkliston was also painted on the Almond and features two figures gathering wild plants. An image will replace On the River Almond, Kirkliston in due course.

Robert Scott Temple is a listed artist with little but his extensive body of work to document his life. (Even the dates for his life seem uncertain with at least one museum citing 1853-1905 and adding RSA following his name.) Generally, his paintings were large scale watercolors and oils. The Rivelin Valley Conservation Group* have examples of his painting after 1921 when he made his home in the Valley (between Sheffield and the Peake District).

In 1921 Scott-Temple was in his 70s and a well-established artist who had travelled widely. He had paintings in a number of collections and is believed to have exhibited at the Scottish Royal Academy. Why he chose to settle in the Rivelin Valley remains a mystery, but he lived in a cottage at the Corn Mill, and undoubtedly became the inspirational mentor to a circle of younger painters, some of whom had only recently returned from the trenches of the First World War. This portrait is by one such local artist, W R E Goodrich. Scott Temple’s magnificent oil paintings capture the very essence of the wild and romantic Rivelin Valley, just at the moment when nature began to reclaim the industrial landscape.

*The Rivelin Valley Conservation Group –

Also by the artist:

Near Abernyte, near Dundee – Oil on canvas
River Landscape – Oil on canvas
Moorland River Landscape with Silver Birches by a Stone Bridge – Oil on canvas
Heather on a Gentle Slope – Oil on canvas


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